Road salt

Kłodawa road salt

Snow and ice on the roads?
Necessity (legally required) to clear the pavement next to the property of snow and ice?
Frozen square or driveway?
Kłodawa road salt is one of the most effective and the cheapest means available on the market for ensuring safety on roads and squares in winter.
When used correctly, it does not pose any threat to the environment.

We offer Kłodawa road salt in various packages:

Big-bag road salt

offered in packages:
big-bag type 1000 kg

Bulk road salt

offered in packages:
in bulk with the customer’s transport or rented by the mine

Road salt – 25 kg bag

offered in packages:
one piece 25 kg
pallet 45X25 kg


Road salt 5 kg

offered in packages:
one piece 5 kg
pallet 120×5 kg