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We offer products made of salt, useful both in the kitchen and bathroom, and for decoration

The Kłodawa rock salt is widely used in the household. The presence of objects made of natural rock salt has a soothing effect and builds a positive mood, salt is also very practical.

Sculpture salt lamp

offered in two variants: small and medium

lampa solna rzeźba

Traditional salt lamp made of Kłodawa salt

offered in packages:
1-2 kg
2-4 kg
4-6 kg
6-8 kg
8-12 kg
12-18 kg
18-25 kg

lampa solna

Decorative crumbs
for home


offered in packages:
10 kg foil bags


Dishwasher salt

offered in packages:
1kg package
package 10x1kg

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Pool salt

offered in packages:
25 kg bag
Pallet 25×25 kg

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offered in variants:

– traditional shape
– cube
– cuboid

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